We have a software today that we are trying to port to React with the help of Webpack, but before I start, I want some input for best practice since I have only worked with single entry, simple structured apps before.

The system is built like modules/plugins (own phrasing, not actual react modules) and one "Core project".

The folder structure today is like following:

System root   

The plugins need to keep track of the Routing themselves, and I cannot rely on Core to know what Routes are available. I would also like to have separate entries for each plugin to make scalability easier in the long run.

I can, of course, have one entry and in Core.js make import for all Plugins etc but that does not allow for much scalability and Core.js must be aware of all plugins and import all plugins etc.

Can someone give me some pointers on how to best go foward with this idea?

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