I have a function that converts args given by argparse to a filename:

def args2filename(args, prefix):
    filename = prefix
    kwargs = vars(args)
    for key, value in sorted(kwargs.items()):
        filename += f'_{key}={value}'
    return filename

What is the Python convention for such functions? I'd guess it would be more appropriate to use args_to_filename (or maybe argstofilename as in 2to3) instead of args2filename, but I couldn't find a reference.

I've found this answer for Python, but it addresses the case when you have a class. @lvc suggests from_foo, if Bar.__init__ already takes a different signature:

 class Bar:
      def from_foo(cls, f):
          '''Create a new Bar from the given Foo'''
          ret = cls()
          # ...

So, I'm looking for a Pythonic answer in these two cases, i.e., when I don't necessarily need a class, and when I have one.

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The PEP-8 style guide suggests using lowercase with underscores for function names. Incidentally, this style is also known as snake_case. Coincidence, or irony? :)

So if you wish to follow those conventions, then args_to_filename is a good choice. Of course, such guidelines are just that: a guide. As long as you are consistent with your own convention, then you are free to disregard "official" guidelines in favour of your own. Consistency is the key. Following a convention is just an easy way of achieving that consistency.

Regarding when to have a free function and when to have a method in a class, that's largely a matter of preference. The rule of thumb I use (for any language; not just Python) is:

Is the function "pure", ie is it deterministic (the same input arguments always yield the same result) and has no side effects (it doesn't read/write to external resources, eg global variables, environment variable or the file system)?
- If yes, make it a free function.
- If no, make it a method in a class

But others will have other criteria for deciding which option to pick.


I think it could be better to use it in a generic form so you convert some args to a specific format. simply say toYourFormat in your case you can keep on saying toFileName but if you found a more generic name it can be better.

But anyway I think your design could be better if these args was instead a class that toFileName is a method of it and the class is responsible of collecting the args and converting them. it's just a thought so it is not necessary the right one

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