We're designing and developing an enterprise application using Spring Boot for REST APIs and Angular 8 as the web client. It's been an year since we started.

When I started, I read multiple articles which cleared my understanding of why REST without HATEOAS is not actually REST. I went ahead with the then available Spring HATEOAS project which was on v0.25 (not stable) then but good enough to get us started.

Now, it has moved to a stable 1.x version and we have upgraded to it.

In our case, we have a collection of documents stored in MongoDB which is used for multiple APIs. Think of it as a collection which contains lot of information and it has more than 3 ways to represent. And 95% of our APIs are GET requests, only 5% are PUT, POST and DELETE. Its a monitoring application API, you get it.

Now, I believe that the relation between a Resource and a Controller should be one-to-one.

Question 1: Am I correct with this?


Question 2: Am I correct with the premise that as soon as the URL is same, the resource structure must not change?

Like, every time I hit the URL https://example.com/status, I must get a consistent structure of Response, irrespective of the query params I give to the API i.e. the number of keys in the response will be the same, but the values could vary.

Question 3: How do we define parent-child relation in a resource. Or should we even care about it?

Moving on,

Question 4: If I want a subset of keys for a Resource, should I define a new Resource for it, or I can manipulate the structure by giving some query parameters?

Answer to even one of the question could help me a lot.

  1. This seems like a purely implementation question, it makes no difference to the end result but might make it easier to debug

  2. How would you explain to a client that sometimes a call returns X and sometimes Y? How would the client know which type to deserialise to? how would an application using the client know the return type of its call? It wouldnt be impossible, but it just makes things harder.

  3. Don't. This is documentation and you don't want to resend documentation with every request.

  4. Sending list parameters in URLs doesn't work very well and GetWhereIdInThisList type functions are awkward, but POSTing to RPC style paths status/getAllByParameterX is considered 'non RESTfull' You decide whether that means REST is inherently flawed or whether you can think up a crazy workaround.

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