I am a mobile app developer, and I have a point of sale app for iPads that at the time of making a sale, the app prints a ticket.

Previously I used to use the Apple AirPort Express to connect a USB printer (Epson TM-T20II) to the network. All I used to do was connect it to the USB port included in the AirPort Express and the printer was available in the network in 2 ways, one was by the LPD (Line Printer Daemon protocol) and the Bonjour service. And the only thing I had to do with my application is to connect to the printer using the same modem IP using port 9100, I did it using sockets, sending the ESC / POS commands and ready the printing was achieved successfully.

The Apple AirPort Express has been discontinued and there is no way to buy it, so I have looked for other options and I have not managed to get it.

I tried it with the Tp-Link TL-MR3420 and its included print server does not allow me to connect to the printer as it did with the AirPort Express.

I kept investigating and I think that another way could be to the Tp-Link TL-MR3420 add a Tp-Link TL-PS110U to generate an IP to the printer inside the network so that I can connect to it through the LPD protocol and send the ESC / POS commands.

Is it possible that I can achieve that using the Tp-Link TL-PS110U device and connect it to another tp-link router?

Is there any other way to achieve that?

Currently what replaces AirPort Express in the market?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

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    This site is about software engineering, not hardware. Try on Superuser.SE or apple.stackexchange.com (after deleting your question here!). – Doc Brown Feb 15 at 6:52
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    You asked the exact same question in Network Engineering where it was closed as off-topic. It's also off-topic here, please follow the pointers in the comment in Network Engineering to find a place where it fits. – Hans-Martin Mosner Feb 15 at 6:57

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