I have a classic BI environment with Reporting at the end. My boss wants me to analyse use cases and documents those and for this he wants me to develop a process how to proceed.

It's about migrating an old BI environment to a new environment. I thought about this now nearly 2 weeks and what I would do is the following

  1. Identify with the businesses the high level use cases which are currently implemented
  2. Prioritize them
  3. Ask business for a detailed description
  4. Ask business for the reports for this use case
  5. Look into reports for KPIs
  6. Look into reports for the data where it comes from
  7. Document the data sources (dwh) and a short description
  8. Try to find out where those data is coming from (the originally comes from) for or in ETL processes
  9. Document all these information in on single document for later use case based migration

Is this a correct way? Is there any blue print on use-case analysis process for BI?

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