I'm building an API in .net that wil capture webhooks events of a third party service.

Lots of actions on the third party service will trigger the webhooks.


My question is should I capture this all in 1 Controller. This will reduce the amount of code. but certainly will make it lot more complex. Checking wich object it is making a dynamic insert/update to the database & ...

Or should't I create for every object a different controller, so know which object I have to handle.


The information you gave is a little sparse but from a very "far away"-point of view I would recommend using multiple controllers. In modern software engineering you should, as a rule of thumb, tend to reduce complexity wherever possible. This helps to fulfill non-functional requirements like:

  • Testability - you can mock data for every controller and every webhook separately
  • Maintainability - adding, bug fixing, removing functionality becomes easier per controller
  • etc.

Try to generalize common tasks between controllers. Otherwise it is no shame to introduce some redundant code.

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