I am designing an application that will run on AWS ECS. The app will be able to run with multiple configurations for jobs.

There will be two packages on GIT;

  1. Config Repository
  2. Application

It is a long running application, and the configuration repository will have the following structure.

  • joba
    • config.json
  • jobb
    • config.json
  • jobc
    • config.json

and I have 300 job configurations, and the service will be running in 300 rocker containers on ECS for each job config. I need to provide the following solutions for my strategy.

  1. All service must be running
  2. Config change on the job should be detected and only that job should be deployed so there will be no unnecessary deployment for other job
  3. If software changes, all jobs should be deployed

It looks like I need to somehow keep my config repository in some external storage, such as S3, Dynamo. However, how can I detect changes in the jobs and how should I build my deployment strategy.

If you could point me some source or provide your thoughts for the problem, that would be great.

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