I'm currently writing a paper on my react frontend and I'm struggeling to find the right verb for the interaction between child-components and components in react.

For example:

"I have a table component which ?inherits? from the child components tableHeader and tableBody."

Is the use of inheritance correct here or how should I describe it?

EDIT: Here is a example code of my table

import React from 'react';
import TableHeader from './tableHeader';
import TableBody from './tableBody';

// Stateless Functional Component

const Table = ({ columns, sortColumn, onSort, data }) => {
  return (
    <table className="table">
       <TableBody columns={columns} data={data} />

export default Table;

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Inheriting from children is highly unnatural :) I would say that a Table component likely wraps or contains TableHeader and TableBody components, and renders them as its children.

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