I was listening to a dot net rocks the other day where they mentioned, almost in passing, a really intriguing tool for learning new languages -- I think they were specifically talking about F#.

It's a solution you open up and there are a bunch of broken unit tests. Fixing them walks you through the steps of learning the language.

I want to check it out, but I was driving in my car and I have no idea what the name of the project is or which dot net rocks episode it was. Google hasn't helped much. Any idea?

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  • Cool idea -- definitely hope someone can find the reference. – Macy Abbey Jan 28 '11 at 19:49

You are looking for the various 'koans' projects, started at EdgeCase. To learn what a 'koan' is refer to Wikipedia, but the general idea is you are confronted with a challenge (a failing unit test) and your journey to enlightenment (learning the programming language) comes from overcoming challenges on your journey.


People are working on the koans for other languages, like F#, however they are not as far along as Ruby and Python.

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