I have a collection /users/{userId}/tools

and I want to GET and POST to that collection. Can I have different representation of that object based on the method?

For example, for POST I want to send only

{"name": "Toolname", "material": "MaterialName"}

so I built a DTO with only that 2 fields.

And forGET I want to retrieve only the name

[{"name": "Toolname"}, {"name": "AnotherToolName"}, ...]

so I built a DTO with only the name.

Because it's the same URI, can I do that?

  • "can I do that?" Are you asking if it's physically possible or if doing so violates some design principle like rest? – candied_orange May 23 at 13:32
  • If doing it I am violating some design principle in rest – TheEmpire12 May 23 at 13:47
  • 1
    I don't think it matters. In all likelihood, you're not building a REST interface; this is simply a JSON web service. Read restfulapi.net and see if your service meets the criteria provided there. – Robert Harvey May 23 at 14:04

Because it's the same URI, can I do that?

Because the method is POST: yes, you can.

Consider the example of the world wide web; GET fetches a rich HTML document, with lots of interesting links, and images, and scripts. POST, on the other hand, just delivers a bunch of encoded key value pairs.

And it all works just fine.

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