When a developer deploy his code, the ci will execute kubectl set image deployment/gcloud-example gcloud-example=stavalfi/gcloud-example:<new-tag>. But the ci won't change the tag in the yaml file of the repo (to avoid amending developer commits in master which is bad, and do avoid adding a seperate commit just for tagging after every merge).

In my company, we don't use latest tag for images. As a result, over time, the yaml files in each micro-service repo, will have an un synced yaml file (because of the deployment section that contains the image tag).


Over time, there will be a requirment to change the yaml file (due to new-tag/bugs/features/..) and I would like to keep them in sync so I can use the yaml when every I want.

Possible solution

We can avoid any sort of solution and when we want all the yaml files of a k8s cluster, we can use k8s api to get all of them.


  • They are un-versioned
  • They can be lost if the cluster is not-available/deleted.


I'm trying to avoid developing a system that sync the yaml files. for example - running a service that listen to k8s events. It feels like I'm re-impelemting something that every other company is facing already.


Should we backup (and sync) all the yaml files somewhere? If yes, how?

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