I have a huge project. Inside, I have many flows, such as purchasing flow, search flow etc. I am aiming to publish logs inside these flows to S3 (for simplicity, S3 is not relevant here.)

I have a data class as following:

@Builder(toBuilder = true)
public class FlowLogDto {

private Flow flow; // Purchasing Flow, Search Flow

private String userId;

private Result result; // successful or not

private String reason;

The problem I am facing is this: Some flows have only some of the parameters. For example, userId can be present in Purchasing flow but not in Search Flow. I had two attemps to solve the problem, however, the end code doesn't look like scalable and intuitive.

public class FlowLogDispatcher {
void publishSuccessfulPurchasingAttempt(String userId, long basketId) {
    FlowLogDto dto = FlowLogDto.builder()
. // similar methods follow

The end result turned out to be a huge amount of methods. Basically, moving the responsibility of creating FlowLogDto to the dispatcher.

I then tried to implement Strategy Pattern. I had two strategies, SuccessStrategy and FailureStrategy. Basically, since the amount of variables in each flow vary a lot, both Strategies looked fairly similar, except a single field (result). It even made the code much harder to read.

So, how do you go with consolidating all flows(with different values set) into a single end object (like FlowLog)? Like, how/what do you put on top of a Builder pattern?

ps: FlowLog has a builder pattern. It is also an option to build the object in each flow separately and send to s3 directly, which doesn't look scalable and readable to me.

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