I need to seek opinionated suggestions from the experts. I have a very large application which provides a wide range of functionalities. I have another desktop application which runs in the system and provide diagnostics related information from a desktop or laptop. Now company wants to have only one web application which will provide all the functionalities. Now the problem is we can not run diagnostics information which requires system calls, from a browser. I was thinking about the followings. Here the requirement is that web application has to trigger the desktop application with lot of parameters. The desktop application is in nodejs with electron which uses many system calls.

Use protocol handler using uri scheme to access the desktop application from the browser. Here the downside is that if the user denies to allow access then user cannot access the local desktop application. User has to clear the cache. It may not be a good solution what I think.

A simple agent based application which runs as a service in the local system but I do not know how browser will trigger the agent with many parameters.

I request experts to throw light on this case. Please help me if there are any other better technologies, approach to solve it.

I have also gone through the following so link.

How do I / what is the best way to interact with a desktop application from a browser web application?

  • Ok, you have found a link to an almost identical question. Did you check all the 5 approaches mentioned in the top answer and can you elaborate why none of them is applicable in your situation? Especially options 3 and 4? – Doc Brown Oct 7 at 20:17

Place a Web Browser control onto a Windows form. This will allow you to call web pages from within your Windows app. There are many not just Microsoft's.

Check out this link: Link

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