I have a web app that uses NodeJS with Express as the backend server and Angular as the frontend framework. The client and server live on their own git repo. The code is hosted on GitHub and deployed in Heroku. I have automatic deployment enabled in Heroku. So, Heroku publishes a new version of the app whenever I push changes to the master branch of the server repo.

For deployment, I generate a static build using ng build and copy the build folder over to the server repo. The server serves the statice files.

This automatic deployment from GitHub to Heroku works fine but I want to eliminate the manual building process for the fronted code. I am looking to automate this process so that when I push changes to the client repo, it will automatically build the project (preferably using GitHub actions).

I can probably do this if the client and server code lived in the same repo. But is it doable when the client and server are in their own separate repo? Or would I be better off having the client and server and client code in the same git repo?

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