I am developing a custom Android application in Java to run on a phone (the target phone). The app controls and collects data from a BLE wearable device connected to the target phone. Ideally, the app running on the target phone can be configured and setup remotely from some backend service/app.

An example scenario: I need the BLE device to perform an action and collect data at a specific time. Currently, I can set this up using the app on my target phone directly by selecting which time of day I want to start the task and then "configure" these commands to the connected device. What I want is for the target phone connected to the BLE device to instead be a middleman between a remote service and the BLE device. I don't need full access or screen-sharing of the target phone, I just need to be able to send certain functions and configure settings that the phone can then in turn configure with the connected device.

What sort of service/backend will I need in order to connect to the target phone from a remote location?

workflow with target phone as the "middle man"

  • The usual approach nowadays is a secured JSON endpoint. But you can use any technology you like, so long as it's capable of operating securely over the Internet. – Robert Harvey Jan 11 at 20:58

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