I currently making a "visual plan builder" with php-mysql, ajax and jquery
Using multiple layers (z-index) I generate a visual plan with the following dropdown list values:

  • Base Product - images from db
  • Design category - list it from db
  • Design - list it from db
  • Design colour - list it from db

This is working fine so far. What I try to achive:

I have many real life photos and I would like to list them automatically in a separate section based on the selected dropdown values (visual plan).

I have 2 solutions on my mind:

Solution 1:

All the images stored in the db and list them from there. I think is pretty straight forward with db SELECT
However would involve more time to add new photos to the list in a future.

Solution 2:

The idea is upload all the photos into a folder and use a specific name for each one
eg. designname_productcolor_designcolor.jpg

Advantage of this would be if any new photos needed to add, simply upload to a folder.

How could I achieve this? Also would this be a good solution performance wise?


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