My Proposed Monorepo Architecture

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This layout is what I've come up with from reading through tons of articles and being convinced that Nx suits many of our needs where I work. The layout works fine for a company of this size because we need opinionated architecture to keep things running smoothly.


I want to achieve isolated development, testing, and deployment while using a monorepo.

I have a few concerns with common workflows that I'm not sure how to approach just yet.


Case 1: I want to work only on homepage, how can I avoid having to have the entire mono repo locally?

  • I read about how Microsoft solved for this, but we don't have access to Azure DevOps at the moment and I wonder if this isn't solvable in some other way. Also, the open source tool they built requires a platform compatible with it, such as Azure DevOps.
  • Are Git subtrees a solve for this? Would my monorepo look like a collection of child repos (subtrees) that, in reality, live in their own repos, and are just declared here for build/deploy reasons? This seems to ruin all the benefits of having a mono repo in the first place.

Case 2: I want to deploy changes I made to the homepage app without having to build & deploy every app in the monorepo. How?

  • Is Jenkins able to use Webpack to solve for this and build & deploy only specified apps or changed apps? Even if all of it is in a single repo?

This may be a simple case of not knowing what to search for, but federated modules and monorepos are also relatively new.


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