I have an old windows forms gui used to control a custom measurement system. Originally, it handled acquisition, calculating, database handling and presentation of measurements.

Now, because of some hardware changes, the system got its own arm based microcontroller running a linux os.

So I re-implemented most control features in python, including handling of our database and raw data. (Originally, everything was stored locally now it’s on a little server)

Now I still want to use our old gui to handle presentation so I thought of using some of my python implemented functions inside the gui application (C#). What would be the best/recommended way to do this?

Ideally, I want to use the gui for nothing more than displaying data and use the python routines to access the data itself on the server.


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gRPC might be a good fit for this as it will be pretty performant and fairly lightweight. Alternatives include queues and even unix sockets.

  • Thanks I might go with gRPC, as we plan to move our db to one of our servers this could be a nice solution. So I can have a gui to present results and configure a series of measurements. A measurement system to perfor automatic measurements. And a db which can be used without the measurement system to be active. I'm not a software engineer so I nearly ended up doing everything with custom "raw" udp packages.
    – Darki
    Feb 11, 2021 at 11:10

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