Open API [swagger] is a fancy way of writing REST API documentation, it looks like:

description: user to add to the system
      $ref: '#/components/schemas/User'
        summary: User Example
        externalValue: 'http://foo.bar/examples/user-example.json'

A huge number of REST API micro-frameworks are written with a simple function or class, that look something like:

async function create_user(request, response) {
    /* */
    try {
        const created_user = await db.create(User, request.json);
    } catch (e: ValidationError | DatabaseError) {
        response.status = 400;
        return e.json();
    response.status = 201;
    return created_user.json();

Now the question is what to put in the /* */. I've seen many approaches which just put the YAML verbatim as the new docstring. Is that the recommended approach, or is there a way to coerce it into a language-specific—JavaDoc, ReST, &etc.—docstring?

(writing bidirectional code-generators, to/fro OpenAPI and various programming languages)

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