I'm planning to add a feature in a program chain and need an advice with rationale on the information flow.


DB -- binary -- artifact -- parser -- front-end available quantities

I cannot radically change the chain in production, but never the less here is a brief rationale:

  • DB stores static data
  • Binary takes dynamic (user) input
  • Artifact file is used by the user directly and
  • Is parsed to get data available to front-end (EPICS PVs)


I need to provide a view on the DB to the front-end. This information is in principle extractable from the artifact as well.

  • Do I add a new parser reading the DB?
  • Or do I add feature to the current artifact parser?
  • Or something else?

My golden rule of programming has always been to segregate and split as much as possible, so components are as decoupled as possible and easy to change.

  • atomic functions are ok. the question is where to get the information - at the source or from a product
    – IljaBek
    Feb 15 '21 at 16:06
  • The engine shall be generic. Policy and data shall be in the closest component to the user. Feb 16 '21 at 6:32

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