I'm developing a text editor and start to think about key bindings.

Which F key (F1, F2, F11, etc.) should I use in my application, assuming that I want OS X users to be able to use it as well? I don't want to bind keys that are already used in Windows, Mac OS or Linux common distributions.

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    There will be ways for users to change the key bindings, right? – FrustratedWithFormsDesigner Feb 23 at 16:09
  • @FrustatedWithFormsDesigner I think that yes, I'll give the user this possibility, but the aim is to make it the most minimal possible - so I need strong and simple default key bindings to avoid losing the user at first glance. – atrefeu Feb 23 at 16:17
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    There's an informal list here. Obviously, all of the non-shifted keys are already spoken for, so you might have better luck with the Shift-Fn keys and Alt-Fn keys. – Robert Harvey Feb 23 at 21:32
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    You should also consider using a set of keys that text editor users are already familiar with, like this one. – Robert Harvey Feb 23 at 21:34
  • Your comments could have been an answer ! Thank you very much @Robert Harvey. Don't ask me why but I didn't think of Wikipedia for the list of function keys... And thanks for the second link as wellw it may be prettu useful :) – atrefeu Feb 23 at 23:15

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