The divide and conquer strategy for closest point problem sorts the points according to x coordinates so that the median could be found. But what does sorting the strip (strip array contains all the points which are at most d perpendicular distance apart from the median line where d is the minimum distance till now) according to the y coordinates serve any purpose? Is there something that cannot be done by the already x coordinate sorted array?

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  • Look at 3.2: Thankfully, we can make another life saving observation at this point...
    – Kain0_0
    Mar 21, 2021 at 23:54
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I think the answer is in the previous section 3.2 I've quoted below. I think this answers your immediate question.

However, since we sorted the points in the strip by their y-coordinates the process of merging our two subsets is not linear, but in fact takes O(nlogn) time.

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