Currently I have a static json file with a hierarchical data schema of below format.

    "Country1": {
        "State1": {
            "City1": {
                "City1ConfigurationOverides": {
                    "C1ConfigurationKey1": "C1ConfigurationValue13"
            "City2": {},
            "State1ConfigurationOverides": {
                "C1ConfigurationKey1": "C1ConfigurationValue12"
        "State2": {
            "C1State2City1": {},
            "State2ConfigurationOverides": {
                "C1ConfigurationKey1": "C1ConfigurationValue22"
        "Country1-Configurations": {
            "C1ConfigurationKey1": "C1ConfigurationValue1",
            "C1ConfigurationKey2": "C1ConfigurationValue2"
    "Country2": {
        "C2State1": {
            "C2S1City1": {},
            "C2S1City2": {}
        "C2State2": {
            "C2State2AnotherCity": {}

If you notice the above json, we should have the flexibility to add different new keys at country/state/region level. We should also have the flexibility to add new keys under country configurations or overide those in underlying state/city. I would want to move this to a database with flexibility to add more keys dynamically in future at any level and query states/cities/configurations of a country with as minimal latency as possible. Kindly suggest what could be the best database for this use case and the schema.

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    Asking for tool recommendations is off-topic. Also the question is pretty vague and shows no effort in finding solutions. – Rik D Apr 7 at 7:31