We're interviewing someone for a software testing position soon and I just want to clarify a few things.

So currently we have user stories that have acceptance criteria - this criteria describes the 'what'.

If we were to then create some cucumber scripts from these would it be like the following:

  1. The story will be the feature
  2. Each of the acceptance criteria will have many 'hows' as to how this is achieved - these are the scenarios

Does this sound correct? Say I have a story with 3 acceptance criteria, and each criteria has happy path, unhappy path and edge cases etc, this file could get quite long - would there be a different way to group them?

  • Cucumber/Gherkin is oriented towards BDD. BDD is a different way of thinking about software requirements – you can't directly map classic requirements to Gherkin language features. However, a Gherkin Feature is somewhat like a User Story, and each Scenario/Example is a, well, example of that feature or story. These examples should illustrate any edge cases. You can create suitable Steps and Background so that each scenario won't be excessively long. – amon May 7 at 6:47

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