I'm building an automated test suite to integration/feature test my organization's Stripe implementation within a GitLab CI pipeline. We're running Laravel 8 and using phpunit for testing.

Within this suite I'm testing both happy and non-happy paths (i.e. I want to test valid and invalid payment details).

At the moment the suite is just running locally and is using a Stripe account that dedicated for testing using Stripe's test mode. I've been using Stripe's testing tokens to create different types of payments and its all working good so far. However, I want the test suite to run quickly within a CI pipeline, and I found stripe-mock as an alternative. stripe-mock claims it makes,

test suites integrating with Stripe faster and less brittle.

However, stripe-mock notes that a current limitation is,

Testing for specific responses and errors is currently not supported. It will return a success response instead of the desired error response.

So based on this I've got two questions:

  1. What is the use case of stripe-mock if it will always return a successful response regardless of the validity of the payment?
  2. Is there another preferred way integration testing a Stripe implementation, or is what I'm currently doing the best approach?

With regards to my second question I believe my options are to:

  1. Keep using Stripe's test mode.
  2. Build a happy-path suite using stripe-mock, and a non-happy-path suite using Stripe's test mode.
  3. Build a happy-path suite using stripe-mock, and just manual test non-happy paths. ( I don't really see this as a valid option for me as I would like smoke tests for all Stripe related functionality)
  4. Something else?

Thanks in advance!

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