I'm building a booking system and my team is currently constructing a web application for the system where a staff member should be able to manage all the bookings related to a user with permission to access it. The booking data is pre-existing and used by other applications (no current permission related data exists in the booking data). We've implemented a combined RBAC/ABAC type system.

The schema for a booking looks something like this:

    _id: ObjectID,
    title: String,
    resource: ObjectID,
    etc etc

Would it make sense to instead of adding fields to the current schema objects to instead "abstract" the permissions in a separate collection for the web application something similar to this where a relation is created to the booking object instead?

    _id: ObjectID,
    booking: ObjectID,
    userPermissions: [...],
    roles: [...]

Let me know in-case you need me to elaborate/provide more detail!

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