I am on my first big solo task and I am required to create an application that allows companies to work with permits, fill them out, get them signed etc. This web-app is with invite only i.e. it is just for businesses and we will add a users details into the backend and they can then login and use the app. The main thing is that a user is linked to a company and that company issues the permits.

Now I am at the very start of the process and I have done some research and seen that keycloak would be a great tool to use for getting users to login to the system. When someone wants to sign up with us, I will add their details to keycloak and they will get a temporary password and be able to login and add their company (I get there is a manual step on my end but this needs to be the way)

So in my code I have added a company entity and endpoint where I can run the crud operations. Then it came to a user. So the user - company relationship is many-1 (many users can be with a company) and I have a foreign key of the company id in the users table. But I then thought that we have the user signed up with keycloak and that has about 90% of the required information I need (name, email, phone etc.) so why not just use have another column of keycloak id.

Trying to code this, something doesn't seem right!

  1. I started off with just using keycloak for login/signup and now I find myself getting more n more coupled with the product
  2. But then there is also duplication where we save the user information in both keycloak and our own db

I feel I am stuck in this and need some advice on where to go/how to do this. Should keycloak just be used for login and that's that? Should I utilize keycloak to its full capabilities? Any advice/information/guidance would be much appreciated

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