Suppose I have a server with the following two jobs:

  1. Handle a payment using Stripe
  2. Connect to a DB with a list of posts/products/items

What would be the best approach:
Have all the calls go to /api/ eg. /api/payment and /api/posts

Or since the payment is not as extensive and is a smaller function have it separate:
/payment and the posts goes to /api/posts and you can GET, POST on that

Just trying to understand the best practices, please let me know if I'm way off base.

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In general, you could prefix everything with some prefix, such as /api

This makes sense for example when there are different kinds of APIs. if this is not intended, why should you choose such an approach?

We are in a similar discussion, we go for:

  • /portal
  • /mobile
  • /...

as acces paths for different accesses and devices. Then, under this, we have the resources used by the access paths.

As your request is not very detailed, I would rather go for

  • /posts

  • /payments

Keep in mind, a stateless design is very helpful.

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