On an app I'm creating there are two views for an event and I'm wondering about what would be a good way to store the data so that it only takes one read to fetch all the data needed for a single read.

The two views are:

  1. Full data

  2. Preview data

The preview data view has less information (for example it shows 3 fields of the full data view). I was wondering what the feasibility of storing the preview data as its own document within the same collection as the full data document, but with a suffix. For example:


The other solution I was thinking of was putting the preview as its own top level collection


The last way I've considered doing this is this way:

  - Full Event Data
      - Preview Data

I'm likely to just go with the last, but seeing ways others have gone about this problem might help me see this in a better way.

I would appreciate seeing any other ways people have tackled full data views vs preview data views!

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