We have more than 1000 3D clothes (and they will probably grow) that we have to stream on our unity mobile application and right now we are trying to implement a content delivery solution for our app but I have some doubts...

Ideally, I think this would be the right approach:

  1. The user clicks on the search button
  2. The system shall invoke an API to get the products (data only)
  3. The database will return the first 10 products and the system shall create the items on UI, each item will download its thumbnail after instantiation (if the user reaches the end of the scroll the system will create 10 more, etc...)
  4. The User clicks on the item and the system will have access to the URL on where to find the 3d resource. The resources will be stored in an AWS Bucket
  5. Here I'm a bit confused, should I use Asset Bundles or Addressable? I tested Addressable and it's really easy but it loads all the catalog and I don't want the user to have 1000 3d models on the mobile, is there a way to load a single Asset from the catalog using addressable? On the other side, I saw that I can pack each asset as Asset Bundles and it works but everywhere it's recommended to use an addressable system...
  6. Finally if the user clicks on Confirm Button the system will cache the 3d product and if clicks on Back Button the 3d model should be removed from the memory. What would be the best approach to solve my problem Addressable or Asset Bundles?



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