I've been wanting to use the Remix React framework and was thinking of how to scale it. In Remix, it seems you have loader functions that load the data the page will need so that it can render everything for the client and send a ready page. Say I have a SQL database and the loader function in Remix queries the SQL database directly through something like Sequelize. I like this model as then the code that queries the database and renders the page can be in the same codebase, same language, and use the same entity definitions (instead of having to define e.g. a User object on the frontend and another on the backend that interacts with SQL and having to deal with serialization/deserialization).

However, would this be scalable? Remix is meant to run on edge computes, like Cloudflare workers. Is that sufficient for handling scaling, or would you still need a message bus to queue requests from the frontend to the database? If so, are there any recommended articles/posts that describe such an architecture?

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