For a project I am currently doing, I am supposed to build a way to express "rules" about a certain system in a database and then be able to check if entities fulfill this ruleset or not.

How would someone model this in OOP for example so you could have criteria such as.. (All) (items of a specific list) in object X (must greater than or equal to 1).

(At least 1) (items of a specific list) in object X must be equal to 3.

(Specific item of a list) in object X (must be greater than or equal to 1).


This is what I came up with so far but it feels like it's not quite right. I feel like I need to dig for some case studies or examples that have already been made of this to draw some inspiration, but my question is mostly:

What terms am I actually looking for? What kind of system am I trying to model here? Search terms I came up with like programming configurable boolean expressions have not really given me what I needed. Could someone point me in the right direction?


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