The CPython implementation seems to have the same modules written both in C (e.g., datetime in .c) and also in .py for the same module (e.g., datetime in .py).

My question is which version is used when I use datetime in my .py file when using the CPython interpreter? And why are there two module versions in the first place?


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When there are two modules in the standard lib with the same name, what often has happened is that the original module was written in Python. That's because it is a lot easier to prototype and get it working quickly than in lower-level languages.

Later, once a reasonable design has been found and bugs fixed etc, performance may become a focus. It's a good time to write the slow parts in Cython or the C API and speed them up through compilation to machine code. Typically the additions are placed in a _module.so or DLL and imported from within the original module.py.

This avoids the work of prototyping/writing the entire thing in the C API, which is quite tedious.


C code is real code, python is interface code.

The c code is the performant code, while the python is for python runtime to correctly handle call sites.

Also use the c code Version to get the most performance.

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