I currently have a generic Azure repository AzureRepository<TEntity> store internally a list of table transaction actions like so.

private readonly IList<TableTransactionAction> tableTransactionActions;

The generic repository implements CRUD methods like this..

public void Delete(TEntity entity)
    tableTransactionActions.Add(new TableTransactionAction(TableTransactionActionType.Add, entity));

public void Insert(TEntity entity)
    tableTransactionActions.Add(new TableTransactionAction(TableTransactionActionType.Add, entity));

IUnitOfWork abstraction

public interface IUnitOfWork : IDisposable
    int SaveChanges();        

    Task <int> SaveChangesAsync();

    bool BeginTransaction();

    bool Commit();

    Task <bool> CommitAsync();

    void Rollback();


Would you expose the internal list of TableTransactionActions to the unit of work to perform a commit, or rollback in a batch? How would you properly implement repository/unit of work to perform batched CRUD updates (not read of course)? Properly is subjective of course, however, I am looking for an answer that is well supported and makes a lot of sense in the context of Azure.Data.Tables SDK. Feel free to give direction instead of directly answering the question

I am open to creating more layers of abstractions as well like IDataContext.

Assume that I have a mechanism for retrieving repository instances of any type within the IUnitOfWork

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    Assuming you are trying to use the SubmitTransactions on TableClient (docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/…)... Unlike Relation DB transactions ... TableClient doesn't have a concept of BeginTransaction, Commit and Rollback. The TableClient.SubmitTransaction does either the 'commit' or 'rollback' itself. So, the IUnitOfWork implementation is not applicable here. The IList<TableTransactionAction> itself kind of acts like a 'unit of work' in this case. Regards Athadu
    – Athadu
    Jul 22 at 2:23
  • @Athadu This is true. There is no concept of begin, commit, and rollback in this SDK. A simpler, less abstract design seems best suited as you suggest.
    – Reap
    Jul 22 at 3:08


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