I've got a data API that handles access to a collection of database tables (around 25 tables and growing). Currently all DB access in this app is through SimpleJdbcCalls that access a stored procedure on our SQL Server. As of today, we're sitting at about 30 stored procedures. For this particular project, maintainability and readability are higher priorities than performance, which has lead me to thinking about moving away from using stored procedures for everything. Almost all of the 30ish procedures handle dummy CRUD operations, so I've been considering moving to either hibernate, or constructing the SQL queries in our java application using JOOQ or HQL, or possibly even using an ORM like Hibernate.

If this was just a few tables, I think it would be easy to just go with crafting sql queries inside the application itself, but given the fact that we have over 30 different data models, hibernate might be a viable choice despite the hate it gets. I'm mostly on my own here and would be interested in how others have dealt with so many different DB tables in a single application.

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    25 tables in a database is really quite a trivially small number. Any alternative approach and framework you decide you want to use should rather easily be able to handle that. Jun 17 at 5:20


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