I have an frontend application where the external user submits the request to a bpm engine to be processed by internal users (typical use case for automating the management customer requests for governmental and enterprises)

Components existing:

1- frontend technology

2- bpm engine

3- bpm DB (meta data and state machine management)

4- business DB (where the business data is stored, updated and upon which reports are created)

My question is , should the bpm engine update in the business DB directly or delegate this task to another backend (say a business component layer) and hence the BPM functionality is limited to process management only.

The answer is clearly : It depends, so the correct question is : depends on what?

I beleive that introducing business component backend will add complexity to the design but will make it more usable, neat and manageable.

Kindly elaborate with different use cases where I can either go first or second option.



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