Is each http (or https) request made to an API's URL or does the HTTP request itself contain the API within the HTTP body? I'm referring to web API's. Are most (or all) http requests done in the form of an API? I don't understand how API's utilize the HTTP protocol. I've googled this up and down and can't find this simple answer.


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    Could you define what you mean by "an API"? Jun 20 at 22:59
  • Please see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/API
    – svidgen
    Jun 20 at 23:17
  • There's web browsers that issue HTTP requests, get back HTML and display it, and there's web pages that issue XmlHttpRequests, which get back XML data. More modern stuff as well
    – Erik Eidt
    Jun 21 at 2:32
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    Terms such as "API", "Web API", "interface" are too ambiguous and context-dependent to be read as meaningful stand-alone concepts. As it stands, this question is open to far too many different interpretations to be answerable so it needs further elaboration to specify the precise, concrete meaning of "API" for this particular usage of the term. Jun 21 at 4:02
  • I disagree that this question is ambiguous in what "web API" means. I have voted to reopen this question. It might be a very basic question, but I believe there is a single good answer to it (even if the answer would also be very general). Jun 21 at 20:50


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