I was just a safety standard document and then I faced this term, "comprehensibility". I searched a little and could not find something suitable. Can anyone explain this concept? Thanks.

Edit: Excuse me if the question is very general. I know the meaning of comprehensibility. For sure I have not asked the question to refer me to a dictionary. I just wanted to know that if the concept has anything more than its meaning ...?, and is there any criteria to measure the comprehensibility of a code? To which code or SW architecture design do you say "it is comprehensible"?

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    A dictionary might help:
    – Caleth
    2 days ago
  • Your question is missing some words, you just claimed to be a document. I assume you meant read, but that still leaves you missing something to make your question make sense.
    – jmoreno
    2 days ago
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    question is hard to comprehend
    – Ewan
    2 days ago
  • Questions explaining the usage and meaning of English language words belong on ell.stackexchange.com however the question as it stands needs further clarification before being posted, (may have been at least partially answered already - ell.stackexchange.com/questions/147022/… ) 2 days ago
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    Next time copy the whole statement from the book, at least we'll have an idea of what's the author talking about.
    – Laiv
    2 days ago


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