I have a decently sized registration form that will require some PII data, as well as some obscure shipping information. I am working on best UX practices for input repopulation considering the time and effort needed for the form. I was curious if storing address info in localStorage, when there are no ties to a particular person, is deemed acceptable?

If page is refreshed, I want to fill back in the address info and the shipping parameters. Email, password, name, and phone will have to be re-filled by the user for obvious reasons.

Does this sound like a safe approach?

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No. If the user is on a shared or public computer you will not be storing their PII safely.

  • I understand that but the client is already susceptible from the jump. Doesn't ambiguity matter here? The reason I ask is because a major freight broker (CH Robinson) actually stores the pickup and delivery cities in localStorage as you go through their load information form. They do not store anything about the user, but obviously feel comfortable in storing some address info. I am assuming they do this because they know there's no way to cross-reference that information with a specific person without some form of data breach outside localStorage. Jul 29 at 17:21
  • 1
    @AttemptedMastery the attorney of John.Doe.of.Summersville.Ohio@yahoo.com would like a word with you. Jul 29 at 19:14
  • lol I don't want that too happen! Jul 29 at 19:25
  • obviously laws vary, but I would say the principle is that you have to "take good care" of your customers data. Here your only reason for taking the risk is technical convenience. It doesn't pass the common sense test.
    – Ewan
    Jul 30 at 8:32

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