I have to develop a JWT protected API with Laravel. In order to do so I will probably use the following package that seems to be quite popular for this https://github.com/tymondesigns/jwt-auth

Now, this API will be used by third parties AND by another Laravel App that I'll have to make. This Laravel App will have to basically only function as a frontend, and will have to utilize the API for authentication and database operations.

Is this something that can be done ?

How would I use my Laravel API from my Laravel frontend app ?

Are there other solutions that I should consider for this ?

My company REALLY wants me to use JWT for authentication but to my understanding Passport doesnt really use that (and its token payload cannot be customized)


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    If your employer has a particular implementation in mind then you really need to consult them to ask for more detail, and find out exactly what they are expecting you to do, letting them know what problems or limitations you've discovered if you believe that they're asking you to do something which isn't possible or which might not get the result they want, then involve them in deciding alternative options. Aug 3 at 19:48


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