I am working on feeding live API data to multiple clients, but due to restrictions (capping) over the Live Feed API, it is not possible for all clients to join the same API.

I am taking live API data from a single server with normal HTTP requests (this data is in JSON format).

I am trying to feed the JSON data to the clients as it comes (storing it in MongoDB or any database).

What would be the best approach to do this with only one connection to the external API and that the data is then fed to multiple clients on the frontend?

  • It seems to me you already have the solution. Have your own server expose the same API (to your clients), then forward any request to it to the external API and return the responses to the original requester. The owner of the external server may hate you for doing this and you may run into the next limitation like the maximum number of requests per minute or so. Sep 24 at 7:14


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