I have a python script that is supposed to be used as a small cli program. This is google's recommendations on how to document cli syntax. I was wondering, are there similar recommendations, or specifications, perhaps from GNU?

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In the Python world, by far the most common is "do what argparse does". The reasons for this are hopefully obvious.

  • This will get a new projected started very fast on the right foot: import typer, def main(... with type annotations, then finally typer.run(main)
    – J_H
    Jun 29 at 20:31

There is a GNU Standard which is slightly more than to follow the POSIX Standard, which is used by a great number of programs and a good template to follow.

There is a style for Windows, but it is wretched so I'm not going to cite it, don't use it, stick to above.

In the specific case of python, follow the accepted answer.

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