Currently, I am working on an existing project, my team creates a new Angular-based application with the usage of some Angular modules that are developed in the company, in addition, there are some js files that should be used by the application as they are still not converted to Angular modules, both modules and js files are provide some infrastructure framework.

To run the application I should use the existing mechanism of embedding my angular JavaScript files like main.js, runtime.js, ... into a view of ASP.NET MVC application as it provides all the references to the JavaScript files of the framework that is used in the Application. It sounds to me counterintuitive as I can embed the js files into my index.html of Angular application and run it independently and not only under IIS. Pros of embedding in ASP.NET MVC are

  1. Getting all the references out of the box
  2. It's the way the developers are used to in the company

Can't see other pros, the question is what are the cons of doing so, maybe I am investing too much time in thinking about that way? It seems to me a bad approach.

  • I would advise that you create a separate angular application using non-visualstudio standard front end dev tech, vs code or vi or whatever. if you need a backend make a separate netcore rest api project. Mixing the two just leads to annoying issues and lack of internet support
    – Ewan
    Nov 23, 2022 at 15:58