I am implementing clean architecture in my new back-end project and getting stuck with a particular use case.

I have a CreatePhysicianUseCase what is responsible for creating a new physician user in my system. I inject my repository into it which has the following methods:

export interface CreatePhysicianRepository {
    userExistsById(userId: string): Promise<boolean>

    physicianExistsByUserId(userId: string): Promise<boolean>

    createUser(): Promise<any>

    countryExistsById(): Promise<boolean>

    departmentExistsById(): Promise<boolean>

    hospitalExistsById(): Promise<boolean>

    professionExistsById(): Promise<boolean>

    createPhysician(physician: Physician): Promise<Physician>

This is the input I am expecting from clients:

export interface CreatePhysicianRequestDto {
    firstName: string
    lastName: string
    professionId: string
    departmentId: string
    hospitalId: string
    countryId: string

Somewhere I need to verify that the provided departmentId, professionId, hospitalId and countryId exists in my database. But I feel like this is not the responsibility of the CreatePhysicianUseCase. What would be the proper solution?

Option 1

In my CreatePhysicianController do I inject multiple useCases which will verify that the required, for example, profession exists and remove the hospitalExistsById() from the CreatePhysicianRepository interface?

Option 2

Do I keep the methods in the CreatePhysicianRepository and inject respective DataSources to the repository in my main module? I know I need to check some of the methods (like hospitalExistsById) in other useCases as well so if I add these into multiple repositories wouldn't that be a violation of DRY?

Option 3

Do I create a common repository for example for Country which will have countryExistsById method in and I will inject this into the CreatePhysicianUseCase?

Maybe there is a fourth option I haven't come up with?

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    Tell, don't ask. Tell the repository to save the new input and let the repository (black box) deal with the ER integrity.
    – Laiv
    Commented Nov 30, 2022 at 12:30


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