Could someone explain to me if the relation in this class diagram is a "dependency" or "association" relationship and why?

enter image description here

I cannot edit the picture. The terms translate into English as follows: Pessoa = Person; Agencia = Office; Conta = Account

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  • @Community The question is a basic and very specific UML question with all the informations required for answering it (see page 207 of the UML 2.5.1 specifications for the answer).
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    Sep 11, 2023 at 20:25

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This diagram represents an association class. This means that a Person is associated with an Office, but that each instance of the association (link in UML jargon) is at the same time an instance (i.e. object) of the class Account. The association class is graphically attached to the association with a dotted line. The name of the association and the name of the class must be the same. For a practical example, see also this question on StackOverflow.

Caution 1: association classes shall not be confused with ternary associations. Ternary associations are represented with a diamond to which all the associated classes are attached (with plain lines, not dotted lines), and there can be a different multiplicity at the three ends of the associated classes (in the binary association class, there are only two multiplicities, one at each end).

Caution 2: this diagram does imply a dependency but it does not represent a dependency. A dependency would be shown with a doted line with an open arrow head at one end.

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