Often, when a program is starting it shows a modal window which has program logo, copyright information etc. For example, NetBeans shows the following window at startup:

enter image description here

Could anyone say how such windows are called? I've heard that there is a special term for them.

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This type of window is called a "Splash Screen"

It is quickly shown before all of the program has loaded and initialized in memory. Later versions of this support a progress bar to show loading status.

https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/misc/splashscreen.html details how to use splash screens in Java, and your example is clearly a Java example.

Note that the entire JVM / application is not loaded during the time the splash screen is presented, so there are limited means of controlling the splash screen. If you are used to Java's Swing, or another library toolkit (graphics drawing implementation) you will see that splash screens are quite limited in their available functionality.

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