We have a spring boot java application that is deployed using kubernetes . It mostly runs background jobs. We have two different groups of customers . The requirement is that when we do a major upgrade (lets say monthly) the software should be rolled out to only one group of customers.The second group gets the same version after a month. This is primarily because the second group has a different financial closing period and they do not want any instability wrt new code changes.

Today we are deploying two different versions to two different name space .This has few operational challenges . A new requirement has come to also have some customers in older release for longer.

We are exploring the option of using feature flags( release toggles) to manage the same scenario with a single deployment.

Has anyone used the release toggles to achieve this ?

what kind of challenges we may face if we go with the same approach.

I am visualising some challenges and looking for guidelines What happens if there are incompatible dependent libraries between these versions? How can this be handled .

What if at some point we upgrade java .What kind of challenges this will bring in supporting customers in older version.


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