I need to send messages from within a subprocess. Now I read about the booking example and boundary events to and fro. But I am missing the concept how to pass information into and out of a sub-process.

I know that a call action would open up all possibilities of a complete process with respective pools. But this is not what I want/can do here. So my sub-process is just a embedded in its parent process.

I can think of different possibilities:

M 1 Actually what I thought of. But I guess the message flow is not allowed to cross sub process boundaries though I do not understand why as it should just be a graphical thing, shouldn't it?

M 2 Sending an escalation from within and a catching boundary one seems overkill, but the only possibility?

Now when I think of the sub-process being folded, what are allowed possibilities then (or might follow)?

M 3 seems to be a default one - though too general and the concrete mechanism is unclear.

M 4 appears to be valid at first sight but from where should it catch the message? Sending within the same pool is not allowed, so actually seems not valid. (Therefore I did not model it in the expanded sub-process.)

M 5 is just like M 2.

So are M 2 and M5 the only valid way(s)? Your thoughts are really appreciated. I think this should be an everyday issue, what do I miss?

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