Every time I want to read something for example a book on Java, then I find so much stuff like many tutorials, many ebooks that I am not able to decide which one to choose.

I spend some time reading one, then two and so on and in the end I leave and gain nothing.

I like the old days when we had only few resources like one hard book and at least I finish that from start to finish and gained much but now days.

There is so much information that mind jumps from one source to other and gain nothing.

What should I do?

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    Balance between (1) learning (2) practicing (3) thinking (reflecting). – rwong Feb 12 '11 at 18:20

there is so much information that mind jumps from one source to other and gain nothing

what should i do

Take it easy.

You are in fact gaining knowledge. You read a tutorial, you learn something. You read another, you learn something new or maybe reinforce the info you've read in the first tutorial. You then read a book, and another... one at a time.

We work (sometimes live) in Information Technology. Information beeing the key word here. Lots and lots of information!

Even if there was only a book and you read that, in e few years it would be obsolete anyways. You always have to keep yourself up to date.

Take it easy

If you start reading all of them at once or want to read them all, you will get overwhelmed with info and then feel discouraged... which I think happened since you asked this question.

Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time.

We all go through this. When I was young I didn't have lots of info, books or tutorials so it was very hard to learn something or do something, it was always a struggle. Then I started gathering a lot of infos, tutorials, books etc to reduce the effort and now I have about one Terabyte of PDFs, DOCs, HTML files, CHMs etc. It will take me 50 life times to read them all so I don't even try.

  1. Start with something, learn the basics
  2. then go apply them. You will see that you are missing some info to get it done so goto step 1 with this new need for information.

At this point all documentation becomes a place to search inside for that missing info. Only that missing info! You will see it is much more manageable that trying to know everything.

Good luck!

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