I'm looking for a who's who list of projects(open source) that really illustrate the strength of the languages they are written in. Ideally the project should make use of some features of a given language that would otherwise be clunky or difficult to do in another language.


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Ruby on Rails makes astoundingly good use of Ruby's pervasive dynamicness. I'm not a Ruby-head really, but I've done a substantial amount of Rails programming, and what it does with the language is mind-boggling at times.

  • Dynamic generation of finders is a very good example of this. The actual methods that find models in rails are dynamically generated the first time they're called. When the model gets a call to a method that doesn't exist, it parses the name of the call and generates a method to search the database. Rails "Magic" is awesome!
    – Seburdis
    Feb 23, 2011 at 15:36

Boost::Spirit::Qi really shows off operator overloading and template metaprogramming in C++. The library can be annoying to use at times because it doesn't always give the best of error messages, but if you need to recognize a little language quickly it lets you build recursive decent parsers using EBNF style syntax without leaving C++ or using an external code generator.


The following modules are either already in the D standard library or candidates for inclusion and really highlight the strength of D template metaprogramming:

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